Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catching up...

Happy Spring Bloggers!

After taking a break from the blogging/crafting scene I have decided to do a total re-evaluation of what I want to do with my time, with my blogs, and even with my You Tube channels.  Hubby and I are taking a long weekend this weekend, starting today and I am going to spend most of this time creating video/tutorial content, organizing my schedule, and basically getting back in touch with what I really want to do with my spare time.

So now for the layout of what's to come -

This blog will focus more on my goals outside papercrafting and scrapbooking.  I will still share my creations and links to tutorials here, but I'm also going to use this to share my other loves in life - family events, cooking,books, movies, music, other fun crafts, and other fun adventures going on in my life.  Hope you'll all stick around for the fun times to come.

My other Blog - Create with Jessi - will continue to be a crafty blog with a focus on tutorials and videos.  I'm working on some fun ideas, and hope to have a schedule of sorts sorted out by the end of the year - thought I'd try a few different things over the next 6 months to find the right fit.  I would really like to work on more scrapbook pages, mini albums, and other crafts.  most of my projects to date have been cards, but it all started with the scrapbooking so I'd like to go back to my roots.

As for YouTube - MyersMemoriesCrafts will still be crafting videos - some of it will be tutorials, a walk through a mini album and the occasional haul...tho I'm not to fussed on haul videos so not too many of these. I have a second channel that I started mostly for my own personal non-craft subscriptions.  I don't have anything on it yet - still debating if I'm going to actually do anything video wise - if I do it will mostly be blogs, possible book reviews, that sort of thing.  Only time will tell how ambitious this girl wants to get.  ;)

So now that you know what I'll be doing, I suppose you are curious about what I've been up to.  Well I have been rearranging the studio - a girlfriend of mine downsized her space and gave me some wonderful paper towers - now all my patterned paper is out where I can see it, and remember what I have so I don't buy duplicates.



I think part of my work this weekend will be a video tour of the whole space. Would love to know what you think of my little slice of heaven.

I've also been working on some Christmas Tree Ornaments.  We bought a new Christmas Tree of the front living room in our house and discovered we do not have enough ornaments to cover both of our lovely trees, so I am spending the next year creating ornaments so that come Christmas time I will have have two lovely trees full of ornaments.  Perhaps you'd like to see what I'm making?  Stay tuned for some tutorials and photo shares.  :)

Well, I suppose for now I should be off.  Lots to do, lots to get ready.  I just wanted to say thanks for sticking around, and I hope to bring some new content soon for you to enjoy.
Happy Crafting!

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