Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Quick Update

Hey Bloggers!

No pictures this week - it has been a whirlwind of a week at the Myers' place but I wanted to check in.

Weight Watchers is going really well!  Dave and I have been packing lunches pretty much every day and cooking nearly every night - go us!  :)  I'm down 7.5 pounds total since I started on 1/9/2012.  I'm very happy with the progress so far.  I still have a long way to go, but it's a good healthy positive start.

Dave and I spent some time last weekend cruising the neighborhoods around his office - planning to move out there middle end of summer early fall.  Found some really cute neighborhoods and lovely homes.  Now we just need to talk to the bank to see what we can really afford.

On the craft front, I am working on getting my studio COMPLETELY redone - I let things get out of hand this winter and it really is quite messy.  I'd take a picture, but I'm way too emberassed.  Good news is I'll be purging and organizing so I can get back to creating and crafting. :)  I've been pouring over Pintrest at all the inspirational rooms out there - so many awesome things to see!

I hope all my friends in the craft world and real life are doing well!
Happy Hugs and Happy Crafting!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Update and a new Canvas!

Hey Bloggers!

This week Dave and I decided to take a big step towards a healthier lifestyle.  We joined Weight Watchers Online.  We are finishing up our last day of week 1 today and I am already feeling really good about what we've been able to do.  It's still a little bit of an adjustment for dinners, but for breakfast and lunch, we are doing REALLY well.  I'm encouraged by his willingness to jump in and learn about the program, the point values, and the open dialogue about his progress.  It's encouraging to know I have a partner in this journey to a healthier me, and it makes us feel good about us.  :)

In other news, in case you have not noticed, Paper Therapy is no longer a part of my blog.  Our fabulous leader, Kristin made the difficult decision of shutting things down to pursue some amazing opportunities in scrapbooking of her own.  Thanks Kristin for allowing me to be part of such a fun place!  Glad to take your friendship with me even after the doors closed. :

I wanted to share another amazing canvas piece I did for my BFF at last weekends scrapbook retreat.  This is also a kit by Quick Quotes.  I've changed out the black ribbon for red to tie in the colors from Christina and Andy's wedding.  Isn't their family so sweet?  She loved it so much, and that made making it for her all the more rewarding!

Thanks for stopping by!  We'll chat more toward the end of the week!
Happy Crafting and Happy Hugs!

Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Year and New Beginnings

A New Year and New Beginnings
After many many months of blog neglect I am making a return to the land of the living and the land of crafting!

So first some catching up....the last time I stopped in I was coming back from Austin and a Hauntingly good time with Mom.  Things  were insanely busy after that - I had a birthday party at Painting with a Twist in Garland, spent 3 days with the lovely ladies at Quick Quotes at Private Reserve, and then my sweet sweet husband got me tickets to a hockey game for our anniversary - Stars lost, but it was awesome!  :)

I've also been having a difficult time battling with some depression and generally feeling lost in this big world.  Luckily my lovely friends and wonderful families have really helped me pull through.  I still have my bad days, but I've pulled through the worst of my funk and I'm looking forward to an awesome new year full of new beginnings and many many scrappy adventures!

So want to know what I've been up to in the world of Paper Crafts?  I have fallen in love with the Canvas Kits from Quick Quotes. 

This one was created for my BFF in honor of her marriage to her wonderful husband Andy, and the great card her MIL gave her on their first anniversary.  It is such a sweet card, and I love the photo - they are such a lovely, kissy face couple - captures that perfectly.

Here's a 10x10 canvas that I did at Private Reserve.  I haven't decided what I'm doing with it...maybe a pic of me and Dave...he has been such a blessing in my life so it really is a perfect fit.   With him in my life, I am TRULY TRULY blessed. :)

One last project to round out the weekend:
6x6 Canvas Mini Album - So Thankful for....well, everything!  This sweet little album has a place for all the things I am so thankful for - My sweet husband, my lovely family and my FABULOUS friends.  I can't wait to get home from retreat so I can print pictures to go in them. :)

Well that is all from me for today!  See you next week, and remember - do something creative, and do something for you every day!