Monday, July 2, 2012

Wow...A Month has gone by...

Can you believe a month has gone by since my last blog post?  Me neither....I'm slightly embarrassed..but only slightly.  Unfortunately there has been no crafting sad.  :(  But the main reason for that is because my spare time has been taken up by a quite grown up endeavor.  Jessi, grown up???  Yep, I'm taking another step into my adult life.  Dave and I are house shopping.  Not only are we in the market to find a home, but in 4 short weeks we have found what very well may be it!  We currently have an offer in on a lovely 5 bedroom , 2 1/2 bath home in Flower Mound.  Pics to come once it is ours.  We had an inspection on Friday...found several minor cosmetic issues, 2 really big issues.  1 we were expecting - AC is as old as the house....we may be replacing it...we knew to expect it, not a big deal.  The other....leave under the shower and tub in the master bath.  Again, we can seal it, not a huge deal, except we don't know how long the leak has been going on, and we don't know the damage under the tiles.  Dave has SEVERE allergy to mold so we can't put off the rebuild and clean up of that mess.  There may be zero mold or any thing, but water damage is not something we can afford to take lightly.

So, what else have I been doing with my time?  Well, I have, sadly, been indulging in YouTube.  I have discovered some delightful things, and revisited some equally delightful old friends.  Here are my top 5 favorite things found on You Tube over the past Month:

1.  Geek and Sundry - not a new find for me...been a follower ever since the channel started, but I love it!  It's The Producers of The Guild doing some amazing shows every week.  My favorite is the Flog and Table Topand of course, The Guild, but I do find myself watching all of it.  Visit, Subscribe, and leave some love!

2. Fu Music - OMG!!!!  I don't even know where to start except to say these guys are amazing, adorable and oh so talented.  Found them through Internet Icon on YomYomF and I heart them!  Again, visit, subscribe, leave some love!

3.  SuperTaster - This poor, brave man tastes all those catchy, "latest fad" foods and reviews them so we don't have to...and let me tell you he isn't a bad reviewer.  For the most part he and I see eye to eye on things.  He has reviewed fast food, frozen foods, local and chain restaurant foods, booze, foods from out of the country....he's just fun to watch.  I encourage you to check him out.

4.  The Lizze Bennet Diaries - Any of you read Pride and Prejudice?  Not me, but I am loving it's retelling in this modern day webseries based on the period classic.  (Thanks Felicia Day for mentioning in on The Flog!) You should definitely check this out - the episodes are 5-7 mintues...I think....but they are entertaining and fun.

5.. Lana McKissak - Ok, let me start by saying she is a little on the annoying side, but her videos have a cutenss about them, and when she sings, ah-mah-zing.  She has a really lovely voice and she's got some great play lists set up so I've got some tunes at work. :)

I will probably be on crafting hiatus for the month of July - if we get the house, we'll be closed by the end of the month so that's  not a lot of time to get packed and moved...will keep you posted here as things happen tho.

Have a great week, and a Happy Fourth Of July!!!

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