Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Rants and Raves

Happy Sunday Bloggers!  This weekend has been jsut beautiful!  The weather has been unseasonably warm and sunny, and I've been very productive.  

I've also been dealing in some MJAOR frustrations with Micorsoft's Windows 7 and their "helpful" updates Dave pushed to my laptop last so frustrated.  So Microsoft's latest updates now show all Jpeg files in seperate folders from the pictures so when you think you have duplicate files, you actually don't.  So please remember this and don't delet what you think are duplicates!  Trust'll only end up being frustrated later!  They also did some changes to Windows Movie Maker.  You now have to have a Microsoft Live account inorder to upload directly from Windows Movie Maker.  Now, I know I'm resistant to change, but why the heck should I sign up for a service that I NEVER use just to upload vids to my exsisting You Tube account?  Dave tells me "It's not that big of a deal."  No, it isn't, but it just hacks me off to think that I HAVE to sign up for more crap from MS in order to use a service I used before with their software.  I hate it....and I really want to get a MAC now because of it....I won't because we're saving for the Babrie Dream House right now, but it's just another thing to add to my list of reasons to convert to MAC.

Ok - sorry - I just had to get that off my chest because it was making me so mad...and causing a bit of a fight between Dave and me.  Now on to fun stuff....

I made my first shaped mini album!  Have you ever seen those sweet cut out chipboard albums in the dollar section at Michaels?  Well, this is one, completed!

 Supplies Used:
Die Cut Album - Colorbok
Patterned Paper: Fancy Pants, Making Memories
Cardstock - Bazzill Bling
Tags/ stickers/ Flowers - Making Memories
Chalk Ink - Color Box

I had so much fun making this cute little album.  Hope you enjoy and find a little inspiration!

Have a great weekend!

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