Thursday, July 8, 2010

Re-Post - Club Create Project Part 1 - Tutorial Kick-off

Hey Bloggers,

Creative Memories celebrated National Scrapbook Day this weekend and I had a blast with my upline Luara Barnett at Judy's Happy House. I spent the weekend designing cards for our first ever Club Create. I am so excited!

Our first project is a beautiful set of 16 cards featuring goodies from the Simply Beatiful Collection. Now, this is not the Simply Beautiful Card project - it's sold out and I wanted this to be something a little different. To create the cards in this project you will need flower, ribbons, and tags from Simply Beautiful, the Simply Beautiful Milestones Kit, and the Cardstock (Mediteranean, Grape, Green Apple, and Raspberry). Cards can be purchased at any office supply store. I will unveil 4 cards per week with instructions and a link to an insructional video so please come back often to see the next project.

Our first set of cards:


12x12 Cardstock - Raspberry and Green Apple
Simply Blooms Epoxy Sticker
Simply Beautiful Tags
Simply Beautiful Milestones Kit

1.Cut theRaspberry and Green Apple Cardstock down into a 8.5"x5.5" cards and fold in half. This will create your A2 card measuring 4.25x 5.5.

For the Green Card:
1.For the Green Apple Card, take the Orange decorated paper from the Milestones Kit cut down to 4"x5.25" and adhere to the front of the card.
2.Attach the Green and Yellow Tag to the front.
3.Attach Orange Butterfly just below the tag.

For the Raspberry Card:
 1.Take a blue patterned piece of paper from the Milestones Kit and cut down to 5.5". Tear a 1/2 inch or so off each side and adhere to the center of the Raspberry Card.
2.Attach the Pink and Grey tag using Foam Adhesive.
3.Attach the blue dots and pink dot from the Epoxy Stickers to the bottom of the card and a blue butterfly to the top of the tag.

You can also watch the video to see just how quick and easy it really is:

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